China Shoes News Network September 3 to 5 fold to buy Nike sneakers, can not enjoy the Warranty Services it? Consumers Lee at the mall to buy a pair of low-priced Nike sneakers, lay off after 5, paid 345 yuan. This new shoes, he wore less than a week to find the right shoe soles unglued. Lee arrived at the mall requires replacement, but was told the salesperson, do not enjoy the Warranty Services Specials, can only repair, not replacement. "If after a few months to we Retro jordans for sale ar bad shoes, and then I let it go, but now wearing less than one week, traders say can only repair, I am a bit can not accept." Lee insisted demand a replacement, to the Consumer Protection Committee complained the matter. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Consumer Protection Committee received a complaint immediately after the survey, verified after Lee's statement, the two sides called together, face to face to do the mediation. Staff mall that sell these shoes before, the s Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping taff has been clearly stated in the sales documents, does not enjoy the Warranty Specials, Lee is also aware of this limitation, and in the name of the relevant document signed, It shows that he has recognized this limitation. Lee said that the staff did not specify the relevant circumstances, had let him sign it, he did not see before signing the relevant instructions. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Consumer Protection Committee staff Gary believes Specials That is particul cheap jordan shoes for men arly low price sales of goods, does not mean defective merchandise. Consumer Law clearly stipulates that the prizes provided by operators to cut prices or sales, and other prizes offered favorable terms of goods, services, quality assurance should not be exempted from it shall bear the replacement, repair, redo, and other civil liability. For example, when buying large appliances donated some small household appliances, but also to enjoy the three packs. & nbsp; & nbs cheap jordans for sale mens p; & nbsp; In addition, consumer law also defined the operator's obligations, the operator shall not form contracts, notices, announcements, shop notices, etc. to make unfair to consumers, unreasonable regulations, or reduce exemption from harm consumers' legitimate rights and interests shall bear civil liability. Format contracts, notices, announcements, shop notices contained in the preceding paragraph and other content, the content is invalid. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbs cheap jordans online p; helping hand Zhejiang Pan Yongming lawyer law firm, he said he believes that "three guarantees" are forced to provisions, not to change the agreement between the two sides. So while consumers have when buying EXPRESS, still does not absolve "three guarantees" obligations merchants. In addition, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, specials and general merchandise, it does not relieve the "three guarantees" responsibility, when co cheap foamposites nsumers buy these products, entitled "Three Guarantees" service. Businesses with "three guarantees Specials no right," refused to be returned to consumers is untenable heel. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; by the Consumer Protection Commission staff patiently persuasion, mediation, shop responsible person eventually admit mistakes, and agreed to return to the consumer. Lee expressed satisfaction with the results of such processing. similar cases is not accidental phenomenon Cheap air jordans for sale . City Consumer Protection Committee Deputy Secretary-General Chen Guan Ting said that daily work, often inquire consumer complaints Specials gifts or three bags of service without problems. For example, buy a television set will receive a rice cooker, not a replacement after bad, some of them are sent to buy air conditioning fans, electric fans do not enjoy the Warranty Services ...... "These cases are not possible, any commodity, as long as It is within the warranty s Retro jordans for sale pecified directory, the businesses should provide the appropriate services, but not to other reasons to shirk responsibility. "Chen, Deputy Secretary-General reminded consumers to buy low-priced goods, when discounted merchandise, the merchant must issue official invoices This is an important credential after activist. At the same time make it clear purchased genuine or substandard goods, whether genuine discount to what extent, are considered "three guarantees" range. cheap jordans for sale Businesses with discounted goods do not enjoy the "three guarantees" refused to follow the consumer replacement is untenable. If you purchased substandard goods, must allow businesses to deal with the reasons stated, and the extent to enjoy three bags of service, if there is quality problems, consumers can clear rights. Singapore shoes custom master SBTG recent joint project constantly, today released with a series of Japanese shoes shop Mita sneakers and puma new coope Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ration of Clyde. In the name of "first contact", SBTG will always military style into to the Clyde, army green and black two were in the signature style of camouflage pattern decorative suede shoes surface, and red tongue standard cloth and heel to form a strong contrast and were equipped with brown and white rubber sole. The two pairs of Clyde contact will be on November 14, began on sale at Mita, SBTG will then in the 20th and 21st appeared puma Harajuku store special events. source: SBTGAmerican Functional wear brand ISAORA recently issued 2015 autumn and winter clothing line, ISAORA products consistent with strong functionality and creative design known. The Fan clothing materials science and technology to build, plus elegant tailoring, released sweater, windbreaker, jackets and shirts and other single product. Notable among them is the use of neoprene material produced sports sweater, waterproof both personal performance and flexibility, is undoubtedly a good choice for autumn and winter outdoor sports. It is reported that a new series of products in the brand online store shelves, like a friend go to the selection. & nbsp;Sports players Garbstore & times; Reebok 2013 autumn and winter series of joint footwear 2013-09-02 12:02:52 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: addiction trend] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network Sept. 2 hearing, often engraved launch of Reebok shoes in London recently teamed Garbstore, retro design inspired by the 2013 autumn and winter to launch a series called "Outside In" shoes, and choose Pump Running Dual Pump Fury and two classic shoes were engraved. The series is usually lined with foam and unobtrusive as textile uppers, and join a modified surface and suede. Pump Running Dual with gray and navy blue, while the Pump Fury is equipped with a blue and green. & nbsp; & nbsp; Related news