& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] Jiangyan high school student Xiao Zhao buy one pair of shoes Xtep mother Ms. Zhu see a sign above the shoe like "& times;", without telling his son in exchange for a pair of Nike shoes, because Nike logo like a "??", while Zhao is about to take the exam, hoping to make a good head. After Zhao know, it requires the mother to re-exchange special steps, mother and son do this displeasure. Eventually, Ms. Zhu accommodate his son, again in exchange for special steps shoes. Examinees buy Xtep shoes Zha cheap jordans online o said his father is not easy to earn money, mother farming is relatively hard. To save money, he wore more casual. Dragon Boat Festival holiday, mother to see the old Nike shoes on his feet, and advised him to buy a new pair. He agreed, and his mother gave him 500 dollars. That afternoon, he went to several stores to buy shoes Jiangyan city, find Nike shoes step shoes universal bit expensive. To save money, he spent 200 yuan to buy a pair of shoes Xtep. Back home, the rest of the money to his mother. 4 in the morning, when Zhao wear new shoes to school special steps, fo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping und a stain on the upper stick, mothers help wash it, then they put on old shoes to school. mother telling his son to change the Nike 4 am, when Ms. Zhu scrub Xtep shoes for his son and found the shoes above flag is red "& times;", a bad feeling. Ms Chu said his son is about college entrance examination. During this time, she make every effort to logistical support. The 3rd, she saw from the Internet such a post, "during the college entrance examination, the best candidates do not wear special steps, wear Nike." The reason is that Nike logo like "??", Xtep logo like Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping "& times;". She though not fully believe this statement, but rather believe it does not believe its not. At that time, she also fortunate last year to buy Nike shoes for his son. Unexpectedly, his son given a free hand to buy back shoes are special steps. "college entrance examination is a big deal, not because this brings not ring true." Then, Ms. Zhu telling his son, took the shoes into the city, request the withdrawal of the special steps shoes. Stores do not agree, Ms. Zhu is willing to make compensation, eventually do so in exchange for a pair of Nike shoes. Ms Ch cheap jordans for sale u said, although many spent the money, but my heart at ease. trouble unhappy mother eventually accommodate candidates 4 evening, Zhao next night classes, find special step shoes became the new Nike shoes, asked his mother why. Ms. Chu tell us the truth. Xiao Zhao said, after listening to the mother's explanation, his mind unhappy, requiring the mother to re-exchange for special steps. Mother said, "can not change to go buy, the store has to live." Zhao failing that, the entrance test is usually accumulated learning, and wear what brand of shoes irrelevant. Ms Chu Retro jordans for sale reluctant son before Linkao have bad feelings, and ultimately accommodate a son, and promised to re-exchange Xtep shoes. Under normal state of mind easily test a success yesterday morning, reporters visited Xtep Nike stores and shopping malls counters Jiangyan city. reporters came Jiangyan people shopping Nike counters, met two candidate parents for their children to buy shoes. Candidates parents Tang has said that regardless of the Internet there is no reason to say, anyway, buy Nike wrong. After all, Nike is an international brand, the children wear comfortable. " Cheap air jordans for sale If the children to buy a special steps, in case blew, when might regret." Jiangyan people shopping Nike counter person in charge Wang Qin said, recently, to buy Nike shoes, a lot of clothes for candidates, parents, many of them in order to make a good head. It's like parents to the candidates to eat dumplings, meaning "high school" is a reason. Xtep store salesperson said, weird to say, so special steps lying in the gun. Jiangyan Lee Wan Wah educational psychology experts say, parents and students to buy shoes and clothes hook mark, it is to test out a good result. I cheap foamposites n fact, this is the psychological pressure, the anxiety of performance. "Usually how to wear to how to wear, the college entrance examination to be taken calmly on the line. Under normal state of mind, easy to get good grades." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;Montreal shop The Hook Off "OTH" and the Danish brand RAINS launched a joint brand to create a single product. The Canadian stores before and vans slip on LX cooperation a Omega planning theme into the cheap jordans for sale mens to with the same title of Greek style black and gray two-color Parka tribute. X RAINS A "OTH" Anorak will be on sale in the OTH and its online stores in September 22nd, after which OTH will be opened in the store pop-up RAINS shop. source: HYPEBEASTThen on sale earlier this month, a joint series of autumn and winter 2013, the Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons and adidas Earlier in new work again and again, and on the basis of "shoe-in-shoe" and other unique design of the original be extended. The appearance of the 2014 spring and summer fashion show was held in Paris Mus Retro jordans for sale ??e Raf Simons 2014 summer series with a total of eight neutral style, and each is assigned a number of color combinations, the whole group of 21 of the unique design of a morphological exaggeration, plus exclusive footage of assembling, covering almost half of the upper large Velcro, and Lego-style shoe body design and interesting colors, so that the entire series is full of interesting comic aesthetics and sense of future technology. As for the choice of shoes, take this back to the appearance of the Union for the addition to the already enabled over Respons, Ozweego, cheap jordan shoes for men also for the first time brought the adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes and training shoes Remix edition, interested The fans may start in February next year in the world's major adidas Originals concept store, Raf stores, and some fashion shoe shop available. & nbsp;Li Chen nic sun latest Air Jordan 4 "Toro Bravo" 2013-12-08 23:29:00 This weekend a month, the most heavy footwear Air Jordan 4 "Toro Bravo" in the domestic sale, caused quite a stir. Today, one of the main reason people NPC & nbsp; Li Chen nic also drying out on the network their latest Air Jordan 4 "Toro Bravo" on foot photos, you, you start with that? Air Jordan 11 "Red" or will be by the end of the sale 2015-07-17 14:22:38 Earlier this exposed or a commercially available double Air Jordan 11 "Red" network appeared again today, according to the Emperor's news channel, the shoes will be available at the end of this year or, use red rendering vamp, with transparent white midsole and outsole make this strong sense of color contrast. Although no official information released, but by virtue of the principle of no smoke without fire, and the credibility of the message has most probably it! For this we will continue coverage for everyone, I hope you can a lot of attention. & nbsp; Band of Outsiders x Vans Authentic Real debut 2013-12-09 00:01:17 Vans skateboard brand in Los Angeles recently invited local fashion brand Band of Outsiders, classic Authentic modeled starting materials made of gray woolen shoes body full texture. In addition, the biggest bright spot is that shoelace shoes eye, insole and outsole are red and blue duck design, and finally with Vans signature white midsole, bursting with flavor trends. It is reported that the shoes will be Nov. 23 at Band of Outsiders entity shops for sale in Los Angeles, a friend may wish to look. Under Armour Invitational third Jennings special shoes 2013-12-08 22:52:21 In order to meet the third Saturday at the Under Armour & nbsp; Annual Brandon Jennings Basketball Tournament, Under Armour specifically for this games launched a special color of Under Armour Charge BB and Spine Bionic, which uses two pairs of new shoes blue color gradient design, with translucent white crystal outsole, very refreshing. But there is no information on these two shoe commercial.